Shirley from MPH sent me an email to say that my novella Juriah’s Song was reviewed in the August issue of Seventeen magazine.

“Think Romeo and Juliet but with a Malaysian twist …” the reviewer says about Juriah’s Song.

I suppose that’s true to a degree. Juriah and Akri are perhaps star-crossed lovers.

I studied Romeo and Juliet in Form Five in our English Lit class.

One of the first things we were told was that “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou” means Romeo, Romeo WHY are you Romeo, and not WHERE are you Romeo. This is because Juliet has fallen in love with the only person she shouldn’t have – the son of her father’s sworn enemy.

Juriah’s Song is not about 2 feuding families but, in some ways, is a struggle between the poor and wealthy; it is about materialism, ignorance, hope and life beyond death.

“This book is sort of creepy … beware when reading this at night!”

That’s what the reviewer says.

I recommend reading it in candlelight at two in the morning … at your local cemetery perhaps. πŸ™‚