I picked up the June issue of the New Scientist to discover that reading improves your social life.

The article by Keith Oatley declares that the novel “is a kind of simulation of the social world … just as people’s skills as pilots improve when they spend time in a flight simulator, so people’s social skills should improve when the spend time reading.”

At the University of Toronto, through several in-depth experiments, they concluded that fiction readers could identify much better with other people. Not only that but people actually went through changes in personality after reading fiction as against non-fiction!

“Fiction is written in a way that encourages us to identify with at least some of the characters, so when we read a story, we suspend our goals and insert those of the protagonist into our planning processes.”

So here’s another great reason for us to spread the reading habit. It creates a better people and a better society. As a fiction writer, that’s a particularly wonderful to know.

I also wonder what it says about a society that doesn’t read much fiction?