A few weeks back, my wife and I had a meeting with my son’s teacher. It was a regular meeting, to brief us on his progress and to check out his school work.

We talked about maths, their unit of enquiry into reptiles and then moved on writing. The teacher asked my 7 year-old son, “What do you need to have in a story?”

“A main character,” said my son.
I looked on proudly.
“What else?”
“Ummm …”
“A problem?” she asked.
My son nodded.
“And an ending,” she said.
I smiled.
I had just learnt a big lesson.

Even 7-year-olds are taught the very basics of creative writing.

In a story, we should make sure that there’s:

1. A main character
2. A problem
3. An ending

I sometimes need to be reminded of these basic elements. Sure, I know, there’s much more stuff that we can add to the list but, when writing a story, these 3 points are a good place to start.

Do you have these elements in your story?