Writing is wonderful.

I know no other activity that exercises the mind, sends the imagination soaring and delivers a deep sense of satisfaction.

Writing sets the mind free, allows it to wander, gives it the opportunity to reminisce, to recall events, to set the imagination on fire. It allows you to create characters, events and places. It’s a world of feeling and images built with only words, sentences and paragraphs. Then using the craft you’ve learnt, you’ll set about improving and editing your work. Then, if you like, you can share it with family and friends.

Of course if you’re writing an essay about the molecular composition of palm oil under super heated conditions or the formula used to calculate the captial asset pricing model for shares in the KLSE or your local stock market then writing may not be such a wonderful activity.

Not for me anyway. Others may find such subjects pure heaven.

When I talk about writing, I mean creative writing. Creative writing is about writing stories or, at least, stuff that uses imagination, like poems. It’s ultimately fiction rather than non-fiction. It’s fantasy rather than facts. It’s story rather than essay.

Having said that, much of the tools used in creative writing can be used in non-fiction. Economy and choice of words are but two examples. Also, and this is the big one, as your creative writing improves so will your non fiction writing. Creative writing will improve all your writing. You’ll be using your creative writing skills in writing non fiction: whether a school essay, a university dissertation, a financial report or a marketing brochure. These works of non fiction can come alive and become a real joy to read.

Back to creative writing. Ask yourself what sort of creative writing you want to do? You might just want to try it out, perhaps a page or so, just to see what it’s like. Or maybe you have to write a short story for school, perhaps you’re keen to write a longer story or maybe a novel that’s lodged in your heart which you just need to get out. Maybe you might want to write your own version of War and Peace or perhaps just a snippet for your blog.

It’s all up to you.