On Saturday, I carried our very heavy futon up the stairs to my son’s bedroom. My 7-year-old son was having a friend sleep over. On Sunday, after the friend left (and they had lots of fun, going to the beach, playing video games, soccer etc), I hauled the futon back downstairs. No problem.

On Monday, my back started to play up. On Tuesday, whilst doing my morning Yoga, I felt something give in my lower back. On Wednesday, I was in agony.

I’ve been doing the exercises my physiotherapist showed me the last time I hurt my back. I think it helps a bit and helps strengthen the core muscles again. I’ve put on a heat pad which is great but now I can’t find them in the pharmacy. I’ve ordered some on the internet and it’s sure to arrive when I don’t need them anymore. I’m using Voltaran balm combined with a Thai balm which I rub on my back. There’s some relief there as I feel the heat penetrate. I’m also wearing a corset. It helps support the back and keeps it warm too. Winter has suddenly arrived here and I wonder if that’s a contributing factor.

Although I’ve been taking a pain killer, sleep hasn’t been easy as I toss and turn in the early hours of morning. Each turn is accompanied by some discomfort. I continually move around in bed to find a more comfortable position. I hardly sit down during the day as sitting down isn’t so good for this old back of mine. I’m writing this standing up. That’s pretty ok but my feet get a bit sore and there’s a growing pain in one knee. I feel like an old man!

My apologies for all these complaints. All other problems and issues become secondary when there’s a health problem, doesn’t it? Mine are very minor compared to so many other, but still it’s literally a pain!

I think, in future, I need to be very careful with the weight I carry. No matter how macho I’m feeling. Once you’ve had a back injury you become prone to more such injuries. The back is just not as strong as before.

So enjoy and appreciate your health. I certainly do now!