I was somewhat flattered that Chua Kok Yee (author of News from Home) was sufficiently inspired by my story “Hawker Man” to come up with an illustration for it.

As you can see, it’s wonderfully menacing … I love the broken metal mesh poking from his face, and his eager hands reaching for you!

“Hawker Man” is a story I contributed to Dark City 2, an anthology of twisted tales compiled by Xeus. It’s story about a sales assistant wandering alone in a shopping centre just after the place as closed. It’s the first story I finished after several years of not completing any fiction. So, for me, reaching the end was a triumph. Since then I’ve written several more (they’re in 44 Cemetery Road and Gravedigger’s Kiss).

Chua Kok Yee’s a talented guy. He also contributed to Dark City 2. His tale, “The Penalty” is strikingly good and a must read. Gambling addiction is all too real and, in this case, the retribution from the Ah Long is a hard hitting penalty for the protagonist. I was gripped ’til the horrific end!

Thanks Kok Yee for the scary picture. I’d be quite something to see my story together with the illustration published in a magazine or newspaper . Any takers out there?