I had my family visiting me over the Easter break. In Tasmania, there’s Easter Friday, Easter Monday and Easter Tuesday – and, unlike other parts of Australia, they’re all public holidays here. So it’s a good long break. The kids have the entire week off.

My father and brother, together with wife and kids, flew in from Malaysia on Friday. There was a 4 hour wait in Melbourne to catch the connection to Hobart. For my dad, who is in his eighties, it was his first time here.

Being Malaysians, lot of the focus was on eating:

Saturday: Fish and chips lunch at Mures Upper Deck by the Hobart docks where the fishing boats come in. There followed a quick visit to the bustling Salamanca markets which is held every Saturday. Dinner was at my house where I conjured up roast lamb and Ming’s Chinese burgers.

Sunday: Lunch at Peppermint Bay where the kids had a lovely time in the beautiful gardens overlooking the picturesque bay. There was an Easter egg hunt too. Dinner was fine dining at Marque IV at Elizabeth Pier, again by the Hobart docks.

Monday: Lunch was at Home Hill winery in the Huon valley, 30 minutes south of Hobart. This was a huge apple growing region which has had to diversify into cherries and grapes as exports dropped. Next was a boat cruise on the River Derwent which is a deep water harbour. The kids were thrilled. There was a craving for Asian food and so dinner was at Annapurna where yours truly ordered far too many dishes and had to do a doggy bag.

There are a lot of other things we could have done like drive up to the top of Mount Wellington, visit Richmond, drive to Port Arthur, visit more wineries, stroll upon several beaches…but time was short.

I think they all had a good time here. We did too. I’ve put on a few kilos I reckon.

Family visits are fun, interesting…and sometimes challenging too!

You know what I mean?