On my last trip back to KL, I was pleasantly surprised to see several softback copies of my dad’s biography in MPH.

He never intended for me to write it (perhaps because I was too close to the subject matter) but rather had engaged a journalist to the task. Unfortunately for my dad (yet fortunately for me), after 12 months she had only managed a few chapters. So I said to my father “I’ll write it!” Three months later I had a first draft and the rest is history . . .

Well, history in the sense that writing the biography gave me an interest in Malaysian history. I needed to research my own family’s migration from West Sumatra and to also set my father’s life at the relevant point in time, ie. World War 2, Colonial rule, Independence, May 13th etc.

So from the biography there followed A Children’s History of Malaysia which I’m glad to say is in its 3rd printing. And for the last several years I’ve been working on my children’s historical encyclopedia. So, like so much in life, one leads to another.

Back to my dad’s biography. It was published in hardback in . . . oh heck, I’ve just realised . . . 10 years ago. (The launch at the Istana Negara seems like only yesterday) The softback came out 2 or 3 years later.

The blurb begins with: This is the biography of the prince who visited Israel and caused a storm in Malaysia – and with many marriages, girlfriends and numerous romantic encounters, Tunku Abdullah has led an unorthodox, if not fascinating life . . .

If you’d like to READ MORE ABOUT IT, I’ve put up several chapters on the web.


And if you’d then like to read on, the book should be in the shops (but probably hard to find, so you might have to ask them to order). It’s being distributed by Pelanduk Publications.