I’ve just realised that the 1st anniversary of this blog has come and gone quite unnoticed by yours truly. That forgotten date was 20 December 2007, a year after I began my blog.

It really has been fun and continues to be so. Putting up posts and getting feedback. Visiting other blogs. Getting to read other fellow writers and bloggers. Getting to know them and then meeting them in person!

Blogging is pretty time consuming though. (And the best excuse not to write!) Sometimes I have to think hard about what posts to put up. Mostly it hasn’t been too difficult though as I reckon I’ve got a lot to say. Often I feel that I’ve got to put more stuff on the craft of writing for after all this blog is entitled: Write Lah! Writing for Malaysians. But I appease myself by saying “I will, I will . . . all in good time!”

Really, for me, the greatest thing about blogging is getting in touch with my readers. Writing is a pretty lonely experience. You write stuff and send it out into the world. You meet a few people who’ve read your stuff. But no more. And so I wonder who actually reads my work. But with blogging I’ve gotten to meet so many many more of my readers. I’ve made real contact. Suddenly, writing isn’t such a lonely endeavour anymore.

That’s why, other than CNY, this first anniversary, for me anyway, is something to really celebrate.