When I was a boy growing up in KL, we used to visit lots of open houses every Chinese New Year. I received lots of Ang Pows and the greeting was always “Kong Hei Fat Choy”!

Somewhere along the line it has become “Gong Xi Fa Cai” as Cantonese gave way to Mandarin. But I still prefer to old greeting . . . that’s because it reminds me of my fleeting childhood. We visited my friend Siew Keong’s house every year and played around his big garden with our bellies swollen with cakes and soft drinks.

Chinese New Year is once again upon us. Most of KL is closing down for a week or so. But in Australia there is no holiday. Strangely enough, the first day of school for us begins tomorrow!

To all my Chinese friends . . . Kong Hei Fat Choy!