Saturday was a busy day: Breakfast Club at MPH Bangsar Village 2 followed by “Readings” at Seksan’s.

I throughly enjoyed MPH’s Breakfast Club. Quite informal. I chatted enthusiastically about my books. Read an extract from my novella Juriah’s Song which we also launched then. This was followed by some Questions and Answers.

When my bit was done, I thought I could relax as Xeus was next. But no such luck – Xeus pulled 3 of us up front (myself, Lydia Teh & Chua Kok Yee) fellow contributors to Dark City 2 for more!

Then RTM turned up and we did the interview. Lydia and Xeus also managed to ride on that, so wonderful publicity for all of us!

Eric Forbes and myself carrying our baby Juriah’s Song. Every author needs a good editor!

Then it was a delicious lunch with Lydia, Xeus and Eric.

Next was “Readings”. This felt like a more formal affair. I was somewhat nervous. What would this more arty literary crowd thing of this horror writer barging into their rarified space? It was hot too. No air con – though I must say the architectural space Seksan created and his lovely paintings (including the 6 pigs by Hamir Sohib) were delightful.

Feeling the still humid Bangsar air about me, I read from “Blue Glass” which I thought was appropriate since it might be regarded as less plot driven. I paid too much attention to the 10 minute reading limit and this threw me a bit.

I enjoyed the readings from all the other writers though, particularly Chuah Guat Eng. I was a bit surprise to find non-fiction on offer too with Gerald Chuah’s lengthy take on how Rocky can be an inspiration in our lives. It was really nice to meet other bloggers there too.

Later I met friends for dinner. It was a buffet at Chef Ismail’s “Rebung” which was too delicious with too many dishes on offer. I can still taste the fire on my tongue!