It was a last minute thing. After arriving in KL last night it was an early start through the endearing traffic to Shah Alam and into NTV7’s studio for an interview on The Breakfast Show.

It went very well and the presenters even put up all my different books up on screen. I’d like to thank them for doing that and for not asking hard questions. I even got in a joke about me wearing a Dracula or Pontianak costume when I write horror stories. 🙂 I wished I had worn my hat though. I had left it in the car for I thought I might get too hot.

My last TV interview was with RTM a few years back. I was more nervous then as it was my first time and I remember talking some nonsense . . .

Lunch was at a canteen. Fried chicken, veges masak kuning, etc etc – I’m so stuffed!

It’s great to be back in Malaysia and I’ve already visited a bookshop (MPH in Great Eastern) and, yes, hasseled the manager about getting more of my books in.

I look forward to seeing you guys in one of my events soon:

Meet the Author at Borders (The Curve): 19 January, 3-4 pm
(Am I going to be here all alone talkin’ to myself?)

Creative Writing Course at MPH (One Utama): 20 January, 11am-3pm
Plus: A chance to win a copy of Gravedigger’s Kiss!
(A learning experience for all, especially me!)

MPH Breakfast Club
at MPH (Bangsar Village II): 26 January, 11am-12.30pm
Plus: Yet another chance to win a copy of Gravedigger’s Kiss!
(I’m told “simply whack lah” is the best way to do this one!)

“Readings” at Seksan’s ( 67, Jalan Tempinis Satu, Lucky Garden, Bangsar): 26 January, 3.30pm-6pm
(I’ve no idea what I’m going to read!)