I was author in the spotlight at MIX fm . . . serves me right for seeking publicity (just kidding!) I’m lapping all that delicious publicity up . . . (hmmm . . . maybe I should write another letter to The Star?)

Anyway, the radio station mentioned a JURIAH’S SONG.

What’s this?


Well, it’s my latest book, coming out January 2008!

Juriah’s Song is a novella that came out in The Women Who Grew Horns and Other Works collection. I’ve always been thrilled by it and I thought it would be fantastic if it could slip out into this dark world on its own.

So here’s the blurb:

“What choices would you make if you could live your life all over again?”

A young rock star is pursued by a female spectre. He flees to a seaside village where he had once tried to kill himself. Back then an old man had rescued him and taught him the guitar. But now what dark secrets will a repulsive shaman reveal? And does the lovely Juriah mean to haunt him to death?

Juriah’s Song is a horror love story that will grip you till the very end.

Anyway, I really hope you guys like the cover. That’s because my wife did the original drawing of the girl with her eyes closed. She also drew a few illustrations inside the novella. So this one’s a bit of a family affair!