A few days back, I received the package.

Hands trembling, I stripped off the brown paper and there it was 4 copies of Gravedigger’s Kiss.

At last . . . it’s out!

Holding a new book is always an electrical moment. So many different thoughts and feelings go through me. It’s hard to put into words though. But it’s truly wonderful!


Gravedigger’s Kiss contains some of my best stories including ‘Mr Petronas’, ‘The Woman Who Grew Horns’ and the prize-winning ‘This Page is Left Intentionally Blank’.

There are 4 new ones here too. There’s the “title track” about our poor gravedigger; there’s ‘Hawker Man’ and ‘Black Death’. The last story ‘Blue Glass’ draws on the tragic events of the Altantuya case.

I enjoyed writing all my stories and I hope you do get a chance to read Gravedigger’s Kiss!