Other than online book shops, my books aren’t available in many other countries. It’s mainly found in Malaysia and Singapore.

A couple of weeks back I found that our local book shop in Hobart has an extensive horror section. So I mentioned to the manager about my writing. To my delight, he said he had previously stocked my novel, Dark Demon Rising!

As I had a 2 spare Dark Demon Risings and 2 spare Vermillion Eyes sitting on my book shelf, I asked if he’d like them. He said “yes” so the next day I brought the books over. This is a big deal for me as I’ve never taken my books to retailers directly. I’m a bit reserved when it comes to promoting myself!

A couple of days ago, the Myer shopping centre in Hobart burnt down. It was a terrible sight. The shop next door which stocked my 4 books suffered water and smoke damage and are likely to be closed for weeks as all their books have gone soggy. My 4 destroyed books don’t bother me though, it’s just the irony of it. Ah, c’est la vie!

As for the Myer shopping centre, it was in a beautiful heritage listed 1830s building. I’ve always admired it as I walked past it almost every day. That is now gone. A terrible shame indeed. There’ll be something modern there, probably something we’ve all seen before in any city, in any other country.

Addendum: The Myer shopping centre is only 2 minutes walk from my office, so it’s closely felt. Walking around the burnt structure the day after the fire there was a hint of ground zero, a sort of war zone. I remember when as a boy, most of the Royal Selangor Club in KL was burnt to the ground. We went there often and that was closely felt too.