The 1st prize winner for my Favourite Tales Competition is …

NN, with the following entry:

I really have a tough time selecting the three favourite tales as definitely there are more than three! Nevertheless,here goes my entry:

Ladiah really tugged at my curiosity to find out what will subsequently happens, which found me reading and turning the pages rapidly. Ladiah unveils and echoes one’s own weakness in succumbing to evil desires which in itself is THE most powerful potion that even Ladiah’s love spell loses its strength!!

The Width of the Circle, bizarre as it is, melancholically grips the heart. Was it a boy’s own way of coping with his initial fear being in a foreign land had him visualizing a ghost? Or was it a forlorn soul yearning and trying to relive his youthful happiness in homeland before it was harshly taken away from him? The tale is unsettled.

The Year 1972 is psychologically haunting. “Tikam, tikam,”…Tack…tack…tack…The words kept bugging me. They linger and jinggle, creating their own rhythm tugging at the back of my mind, even as I am writing this entry. “Tikam, tikam,”…Tack…tack…tack… How could not that poor liltte boy be haunted by them?!!

The 2nd prize goes to Jai with the following submission:

The Width of a Circle –
I like this story very much. How Adam left his home and arrived at a strange new place to find himself being stalked by a creepy old man. But it was the ending that made me fall in love with this story, the clever little twist that the old man was no one but himself in the years to come. I thought that was brilliant, I really didn’t expect it.

Paradise Revisited –
I read this one whilst sitting in a little café in KLCC. I was really hooked on to it, interested on how Matthews got to know Mok. This story was not as frightening as the rest, and I quite like that because hell the other stories scared me to near death. I thought the part where Matthews found out he was eating human meat to be highly amusing. Not so good of me, but I just couldn’t help laughing. This one is my favourite story of all.

44 Cemetery Road –
44 Cemetery Road I thought was an immensely beautiful story, and not to mention a chilling one. I just love how Janice told her husband her secret, to meet her in seven days at the cemetery. I loved that, it was so romantic. On the other hand the story of Vera was so menakutkan. The ending was lovely, especially when George spoke. Brilliant. ❤

Another thing I would like to add, just to tell… Something Called Mamsky scared me to death, and it has been haunting my thoughts till today. Haha.

The book was wonderful, Tunku. Keep up the good work. ^^

The 3rd prize goes to Lydia Teh with her last minute entry:

Biggest baddest bomoh (love the alliteration) and Ladiah are about how men succumbed to their lust and paid the price for their folly. Watching the Doll has a nice twist at the end. Having rooted for the protagonist and for his sense of righteousness to prevail, how he turned out eventually came as a disappointment. Yet, we are able to empathize with him on the choice he made.

It’s interesting to note that both “The Width of a Circle” and “Ladiah” were selected twice. I must read those stories again!

My sincere thanks to everyone for entering.

I’ll be doing another competition for my upcoming book Gravedigger’s Kiss: More of Tunku Halim (due out next month), this time with even more exciting prizes!

Winners – do please email me your postal addresses so that I can get MPH to post to you your MPH book vouchers.