A couple of days back I came across an article by Daniel Stacey about John Ajvide Lindqvist, author of the vampire novel Let the Right One In. This first novel is a huge success and the film version will be out this year.

The author’s love for horror was so powerful that a vampire rape scene he had presumably lovingly written had to be toned down by the publisher. The film version will have the pedophilia scenes removed. It all sounds pretty horrific!

What captivated me about the article was what the author said about the horror genre:

“What I find nice about the horror genre…is that it is a great vehicle to portray human psychology. With the supernatural, with a vampire, with the dead coming back to life, we don’t really have any models or preconceptions about how to react, there are no given answers. These answers are tests of character. The vampire is the litmus paper and you dip it into the community as a test.”

Do you agree?

P.S Only another 10 days or so left to get your entry in for the FAVOURITE TALES COMPETITION.