The Kakiseni Playwriting Competition has been extended to 30 August.

What’s it all about?

We’re looking for engaging plays that explore and define issues of the Malaysian experience, in all its social, political, historical, spiritual and emotional complexity.

Each play must run for duration of around 10 minutes, plus or minus two minutes. Submissions can be plays written in either English or Malay — or a combination of both — and must thematically touch on issues concerning Malaysia

If you’ve got some spare time (I know, who has?, but perhaps MAKE some time) you could come up with something that works. Heck, it’s only a ten minute play! Whether you win or not, whether you submit or not, the experience in putting your own words together is invaluable. If you’ve got your own blog, you’re half way there, because you’ve got writing experience!

One thing to remember, as Raymond Hull in How to Write A Play puts it “An audience pays to see a play, they expect it to give them a satisfying emotional experience. Success of failure in this is the criterion of good or bad playwriting. The spectator is always right.”

Also have a look at my other post: Does A Play Live Inside You?.

Do you think you could write a 10 minute play?

Oh, talking about competitions, don’t forget my FAVOURITE TALES competition. Closing date’s very soon: 31 August!