I received more than a dozen submissions for the proposed Bloggers Are Liars! collection. There was humour, reportage, poems, memoirs and a great depth of feelings and thought in a lot of the writing. All the submissions were good and deserve to be published in print.

Congratulations, all of you!

But that’s what I think.

Publishers will have a different point of view. They also have to decide whether a collection by bloggers will sell. They are, after all, a business.

I can now begin to approach publishers with the collection. As I’m sure you know, this is not an easy or quick process. We may or may not get the result we want, but your writings certainly deserve to be highly considered. And the collection as a whole should have a readership out there.

There was one highlight though in all the submissions. That was from the thought-provoking Zewt. He submitted enough stuff for an entire book! As you all know, his writing is full of wit and wisdom. So I’ll  be taking his book to the publishers separately.

So essentially there are 2 books. My proposed titles are:

Bloggers Are Liars!

Bloggers Are Liars! The Writings of Zewt

These are only working titles as the publishers may have their own ideas.

A big THANK YOU to you to you all for your submissions. I sincerely hope it’ll be a success and that we’ll  have 2 wonderful books at the end of the process!

P.S Don’t forget your entries for the 44 Cemetery Road: Favourite Tales Competition.