What can I share with you today? Perhaps some of my writing?

Anyway, here’s the opening 2 paragraphs of a story I’m currently working on. It’s tentatively called “Blue Glass” (don’t ask me why!).

On the twisted shores of the sea I came upon this earth. My mother stumbled out of the air conditioned car into the warm night, scurrying along the crouching squatter huts, past the shadowy bushes and down the dirt track until the water lapped her feet.

Then the wave of pain and wrenching nausea hit her and she dry retched upon the ground. Gasping as she crawled, sweat dripping from her tangled hair, she vomited. Then, crawling on her back away from the whistling wind, she pushed me out, wet and glistening, and somewhat perplexed, into the embrace of dry sand. I opened my eyes to a constellation of stars that were caught like swirling fishes in my eyes. When I turned to look back at her child-like face, all I found was her cotton blue veil wrapped like a net around my body.

Want to share any of your own story openings?