I received an email a couple of day ago from a lecturer at the University of Sterling, Scotland.

I was rather chuffed by its contents.

You see, Glennis Byron is a lecturer in English at the University of Sterling. She has come across my first novel Dark Demon Rising and has written a paper on it. Her article is to be published together with a collection of essays. She’ll also be presenting the paper at a conference in Aix en Provence.

She has very kindly sent me a copy of the article entitled “Where Meaning Collapses: Tunku Halim’s Dark Demon Rising as Global Gothic”.

Here’s a small extract of her excellent article:

“A new gothic form is emerging, a form marked by the increasing cross-cultural dynamics of the past century which might be identified as “global gothic” . . . Dark Demon Rising attacks the workings of global culture: the false universalizing of the Western, and the silencing of other discourses through the imposition of its own “authorized” truths . . .”

My novel, Dark Demon Rising was inspired by K.M. Endicott’s book An Analysis of Malay Magic. When Ms Byron contacted Professor Endicott, he was most flattered that his work had inspired a novel. I’m so glad she told him about it.

By the way, this attention from academia is rather flattering for me too!