I’m delighted to announce that 44 Cemetery Road is out now.

Here’s the cover:


I’m particularly chuffed since I snapped that cover photo.

I feel like a dad with a new child. It’s a proud moment. A book with my name on it! It’s a hard feeling to describe. It’s just that moment of “Ahhhhh!”

44 Cemetery Road collects my best stories over a decade and it’s wonderful to have them compiled into a single volume. I’d like to thank Eric and Dato’ Ng for making this happen. I’d like to thank Xeus for her success with Dark City which gave me the idea of a compilation. Kenny Mah for his brief cover input. And of course, my wife for her loving support through all these years.

I’m happy to know that I can share many of my stories, old and new, with you. I’d love to have your feedback too . . . positive and negative!