Although I had an idea of a writer as leading a rather romantic life, I’d never wanted to be a writer. I had been sufficiently brainwashed into wanting to do law, medicine or accounting.

But as I worked for a KL property developer I started to write a book on what I saw were the risks a person took when buying a condo. So enter the world of non-fiction.

It took me 4 months to complete the work , word processing it on Wordstar . I sent 3 chapters of the dot matrix printed manuscript to Times Publishers. I waited 2 weeks. With no reply I wrote to Pelanduk Publications. I got a phone call from Mr Ng (now Dato’ Ng) 2 days later. He wanted to publish it. I said yes and signed the contract. A few days later Times Publishers wrote back. They were interested. But alas they were too late.

Ten months later, Everything the Condominium Developer should have told you, but didn’t hit the bookshops.

There is no feeling like it, having your first book published. I was 27 and addicted to seeing my name in print. How the ego soars!

Then came the NST review. A big one too. And a pretty good one. And what a fantastic cartoon too! This was heaven indeed.


By this time I’d began to write short stories and the story continues . . .