To any aspiring writer it is a dream to have a book published. Being Malaysian, we are extremely lucky.

Local publishers are keen to find new writers and publish their works.

Believe me, it’s true.

This is in great contrast to the West where many publishers refuse to receive manuscripts directly. They insist you go through a literary agent. The reason is simple. They receive thousands of manuscripts. Many of them very good. The trouble is that they don’t have the resources to read them.

In contrast, Malaysian publishers don’t receive a huge number of manuscripts. With those that hit their desks, many are sadly sent back due to a lack of quality. Especially fiction.

Yet our publishers want to publish your work. You just need to give them something good. Something more than a few thousand works. They want a whole book.

So we Malaysian writers are pretty lucky. If you dream is to see your book in the shops then it can happen. You will get published as long as you can provide a quality manuscript of sufficient length. So improve your craft and write your book.

Yes, time is an issue. How do we juggle our working and writing lives?

You can do it, if you really want your dream to come true!