With lots of interest in a book by bloggers, I’ve decided to stick my computer-induced achy neck out and call for submissions for this proposed collection.

As one famous yet anonymous Malaysian used to say “Simply whack lah!”

Based on the submissions received, I’ll be able to propose this collection to a publisher. That’s right, I’m still on the hunt for a publisher so this book may remain a figment of my imagination!

So if you think you might be wasting your time here, read no further…

Anyway, here are the submission guidelines:

1. Submit only original short stories, poems, essays which have not been print published.

2. You should have been blogging regularly for the past 3 months. Please provide the URL of your blog site.

2. Your writings must be entirely new or from your blog. But they must be original. If from your blog, please provide the date of publication and URL for the post. Otherwise, I will assume that it’s never been published electronically.

3. The number of words should be between 200 and 3000. There is no minimum word length for poetry. Please indicate the word length with your submission.

4. Your piece must be Malaysian in origin. This means you must be Malaysian, Malaysian-born or your content is focused on Malaysia.

5. Submissions are to be made by email to tunkuhalim@gmail.com. Do not provide attachments. Simply paste the piece you are submitting into the body of the email.

6. As there is no publisher at this stage, I cannot advise on payment.

7. Final date of submissions is 30 June 2007.

Once a publisher has agreed to publish this collection, they will decide which pieces will make it into the book.

To make this project a success, please publicise this proposed collection on your own blog.