There seems to me to be some strong interest in us bloggers coming up with a collection to be published. Hence this post.

Ideas have been coming thick and fast. Recently, I’ve had another one and it came upon me as I laid half-awake in bed listening to birds chirping. Yes, this can be the best time of the day. Anyway, I thought that instead of a blogger collection of short stories, perhaps a blogger collection of essays, poems and short stories would do the trick.


On visiting various blogs, I realise that us bloggers write about a whole heap of different stuff: from personal diaries to cooking recipes to ways to change the world.

Not all bloggers write short stories.

Not all bloggers want to write short stories.

Bloggers write what they want to write. Which really means anything!

So how about this title:

Bloggers Are Liars! A collection of writings, weird and wonderful

What do you good folk think?

P.S You can read my press interview entitled Pimp & Serial Killer which was published a few years back. It’s at my 44 Cemetery Road blog.