Like a child I strolled through the glass corridors of KLPac or The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre. My eyes glided along the simple architectural spaces to the luscious trees outside and immediately knew this place I had never visited or imagined to exist in our busy metropolis was a really cool place to be.

I met my old pal Chacko Vadaketh at the cafe. Then up the stairs we went and saw Joe Hasham, Artistic Director of The Actor’s Studio. Husband and wife team, Joe and Faridah, had created their fantastic acting centre from scratch 18 years ago.

I had written “Pig Heart” several years back which I had included in my third collection of short stories The Woman Who Grew Horns and Other Works. It is a one act play about a Malay man who has a car accident in London. Due to his medical condition he suffers a heart attack and needs a heart transplant. With no human heart available, the British doctors give him a pig heart.

I wondered if The Actor’s Studio would be interested in staging “Pig Heart”. Thus my meeting. Joe has still to read it. With luck the play may be staged one day.

Joe mentioned that he’s always on the look out for good plays to stage. There isn’t much quality stuff around. Heard that one before? Eric Forbes, editor of MPH Publishing, had mentioned the same problem with the many manuscripts he receives.

So if you’re been working on a play or have been thinking of penning one, now may be the time to get to work. Writing a play is very different from writing a short story. There’s a shift in mindset and literary experience. You won’t know the difference until you give it a go.

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