The interesting thing about us bloggers coming together in cyberspace and exchanging viewpoints is that we bloggers have come together in cyberspace and exchanged viewpoints.

Well, I’m sure it’s more than that but anyway…

The other interesting thing is that many bloggers are writers, budding or experienced. And since we’re all together why not do a short story collection? Doesn’t it just seem right?

But why, you may ask, would this be different from what others have done? Because, this time, it’s collaborative. There’s no big shot editor to say what can and what can’t go in. Hmmm…this is beginning to sound dangerous.

I suppose a small blogger team has to vet quality at some point in time. Essentially a team of writer/editors. So not all stories submitted will get in. Some might have to be re-worked. Some won’t even make the first cut. Yet we bloggers might just find Malaysia’s latest talent!

What to write about? A blogger short story collection would not necessarily be about blogging, it could be about anything. Although this blogging business has created a virtual and yeah, addictive, world. So I’m sure there’ll be plenty of stories out there.

What about payment ? Maybe do something like Dark City 2. I think Xeus will pay RM150 per story. So if you don’t think you can write a story with a twist, then maybe get published with this collection.

Anyone got an idea for a title?