The Writer’s Circle meeting at MPH last week on blogging for writers was a fantastic discussion. Yep, I wish more writers were there though to absorb the great stuff coming from the experienced panel: Sharon Bakar, Lydia Teh and Nizam Zakaria.

Full info for those who missed it is at Dark City where Xeus has kindly summarised the words of wisdom.

As for me, sitting in the front row, I could only shake my head in dismay, realising what a pathetic and futile attempt my web page was! Yes, indeed, my web page stands out as a prime example as HOW NOT TO USE THE INTERNET.

You can hop along to it at

And you may indeed tell me how terrible it is!

Or if you’re too polite, just tell me how I can improve it…

I joined Sharon Bakar for tea the following day and we had a lovely discussion on books and writing and we discovered we’re both working on books on creative writing. Mine’s a bit jammed up at the moment though.

Anyway, it was fun. Odd though, everyone seems to think I should be older… must be the injections I’ve been taking.