Blink the Eye

 That’s right, blink the eye and the years go by!

 That’s what came to me at a friend’s 50th birthday party.

 It was wonderful because I met friends whom I hadn’t seen in 25 years. It was strange how they seemed to have hardly changed. I wonder if they found me the same … because, frankly, I’m that same person from 25 years ago.

Of course, I’ve gone through so much more in life. I think I’m a little wiser. And I’m a parent … that does, in many ways, change you. But I’m still me!

The years go by all too quickly. I wonder if it passes by more quickly for those in our generation. There’s no time to be bored.

There’s nothing like boredom that’ll slow down the clock.

 Our generation has all the entertainment options at our fingertips. If we’re not working, we’re being entertained.

Movies, TV shows, text messaging, the internet … now that’s one read time stealer … Facebook, computer games, smart phones and all those apps too!

Except for movies and TV shows, none of those things was available in our parents generation. So did time move slower for them?

Did they have more time to contemplate compared to us?

We “do” so much more with our time. But we should question, what is it that we’re doing?

I wonder if we have the time to stop and think. 

I said to my friend, “Now you can look forward to your 60th birthday.”

He thought I was kidding … but I meant it.

It’ll roll on by in the blink of an eye!

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5 responses to “Blink the Eye

  1. Maybe, the Earth really spins faster, and scientists have yet to fond out.

  2. Yes, maybe, but I’ll get a headache if it did!

  3. Krishna Panikker

    Hi Tunkuhalim,Ahh how time flies. There are many wonderful and sad things to remember..My best is and will be are my two wonderful girls who have grown up. Last week I sat at the High Court watching my eldest girl being roped as lawyer.It was like just a few years ago she attended the nursery school and now she is a lawyer!Wow ! how time flies.I have another girl who is slowly growing up to be a budding engineer.It has been a real joy watching these two young new generation girls(they are of mix parentage)growing up. Besides these I have lost a few good friends as time flies by too.It is really sad that they would not be around when I touch 60 but then again I am not too sure if I would be around either!!I have lost my good friend Dutchy in a hit and run accident, Chan to a heart attack, Woon to a bypass surgery,Shan to a long and struggling prostate cancer and Mary who had a nasty fall and injured her head and never regained conscious.I suppose I have to carry on blinking my eyes until they stop Tunku.

    • Krishna – Congratulations on now having a lawyer in the family. Isn’t it wonderful to watch your baby grow up and to now be an expert in her field of study. It must be very heartening. Yes, time does steal our good friends and relatives away. But that is unfortunately part of life, especially as we hit the later years. Nothing is permanent so let’s appreciate today.

  4. Krishna Panikker

    You are right Tunku, nothing is permanent. I am taking everyday as a bonus!

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