Are You Really Facebook Wise?

I went to a cybersafety talk the other day.

Much of the focus was on Facebook. What I found out was most worrying!

It’s all about your own privacy.

For a start you don’t want the whole word to see your posts. You want to limit this to friends.

And in this world that isn’t so safe, your friends should be people you actually know, not friends of friends whom you’ve never met. The exceptions are publicity or business FB pages which is meant to go get lots of friends. In those cases, like this one, I’m very careful about what I post. Nothing really personal, if you’ve noticed.

It’s also good idea to be able to review tags before photos go up. You might not want others to see what you’re up to!

Increasingly bosses (and potential bosses) spy on their employees on FB. What you’re posted can never be deleted … so watch what you say!

There’s also the danger of identity theft. The more info you put up about yourself, the more there is to steal.

And don’t say you’re going on holidays or going to be away … it’s an invitation to a break-in!

It seems that many people don’t bother with FB’s Privacy Settings. Many don’t even know about it. You’ve got to click that upside down triangle next to Home.

Click the upside down triangle to get here

There’s also this thing called “Tag Suggestions”. It’s really face recognition software!

Imagine that you’re having lunch at a restaurant but told your boss that you’re too will to go to work. A “friend” might then take a photo in the restaurant and instantly you’re tagged. Not good if your boss sees this!

Through Privacy Settings you can also block people and apps.

So I suggest you look at this setting to make sure Facebook is doing what you want it to do.

But now you should also sort out your Security Settings and Notifications.

You do this by clicking on Account Settings.

Security settings allows you to set a security question. This will make it harder for someone to access your account. You can also enable secure browsing, definitely a good idea.

With Notifications, I don’t like a whole heap of emails from Facebook, so it only notifies me when I receive a message from a friend.

You can reduce ads that you and your friends see by clicking on Facebook Ads.

I think this covers some of it … but probably not all!

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5 responses to “Are You Really Facebook Wise?

  1. Thanks for sharing Tunku, hope we have this type of talk in Malaysia. But sadly, our talks are all about money making. We know how to make money, ignorant of what to beware of, don’t know how to protect ourselves. Money is everything in Malaysia, as if money can buy safety and …everything…

  2. Hi Tunku, Short and brief but very educational and down to the point.I think many people tend to get a little”not facebook wise”By the time they realise it ,things have gone out of control .We tend to get carried away ,forgetting our privacy.

  3. I agree with you Daniel about money being everything in Malaysia..A friend of mine left for Hong Kong to do some business a year ago.He told me it was only for a few months and he was going to make some good money.When I asked him about who was going to look after his house while he was away. He assured me that he has got a very good security guard.When he returned from Hong Kong his entire house was ransacked and his car was not in the garage.Talk about money buying safety!

  4. more robberies nowadays, Malaysia “can”…

  5. Daniel & Krishna – Thanks for the comments. Whilst we’re making money we forget about spirituality. Or is money a substitute for spirituality?

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